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The DisEntrainment through Photostimulation. By sending specially calibrated flickering light through the eyes and into the brain, ROSHI In-Sight Glasses help “DisEntrain” the mind, freeing it from its unhealthy cyclical patterns. The brain attain a meditative “normalized” state in which it becomes totally at rest …yet attentive at the same time—similar to the brain of a Zen Master. This helps put you “In the Zone”—whether you are an Athlete, Businessperson, Doctor, Bricklayer or simply a human being trying to cope with the pains and stresses of life.

The longer technical term for the above process is Vector Equilibrium Error DisEntrainment Photostimulation (VEEDP). Here’s how it works: The lights in ROSHI In-Sight glasses create an LED and MagStim flicker, driven by a Dynamic Vector Equilibruim algorithm, contained within the NeuroDynamic Activator®. This presents the brain with a complex set of phase instructions that it must accurately follow, in order to correct its own internal phase vector errors—true linear to non-linear transformation, in real-time. It is with this unique method that the brain performs its own neurofeedback duties, without any outside human intervention.

A decrease in dynamic phase error is the result. And that is exactly the outcome we seek. It is in these “quieter” EEG moments that the brain “corrects” itself. This Dynamic Self Organization (DSO) is the hallmark of NeuroFeedback systems, and will be at the vanguard of self-healing in future.

ROSHI Products have been proved to be the most powerful tools, in Neuro/Bio Feedback practice in the United States and all over the world.

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Chuck Davis

Inventor of Roshi Instruments

"Peak performers don't think about the game,

They ARE the GAME!"


Dr. Victoria Ibric

President, Neurofeedback

Neurorehab Institute

"In my many years as a neuro-feedback practitioner I have found the ROSHI glasses to be an invaluable tool to help my patients find their own way to relief and recovery."

Dan Staso, PhD

"The ROSHI is one of the most gentle and safest neuro-feedback activators I have encountered. The majority of my clients begin to notice improvements after 2-8 sessions."